MillerCroft Story

2019 Breeding well underway.  Feel free to contact us about any does you would like to reserve kids out of.  -- See buck page for pairings--  Thanks


My husband and I grew up showing dairy cows and raising a number of different animals.  We have a young growing family and wanted an animal our young kids can handle and love.  We have been fortunate to be able to have the help and support of many breeders in our area.  Our small herd is growing very nicely.  We have started with hand full of fancy well bred does.  We have a young herd and hope they continue to grow and improve as time goes on.  We hope you enjoy and love them as much as this little man.

Walnut Mtn LP Smooth Operator

Scored 88 at 2018 LA
earns 1st Grand Champion Leg 5/2018
6/2/18 received Reserved Champion


aka Butter Nut
Scored 87 at 2018 LA
6/2/18 received 2 firsts in class
Sr Champion & Grand Champion in ring 2 

Ben and Bumble Bee pose for the judge in peewee showmanship.  

This is our future it is important for them to have the chance to show off what they have learned.  It keeps them interested and wanting to learn more!

2018 Herd Sire has Arrived

2nd Show 6/2/18 received 2 firsts in class
Reserved Jr Champion in Ring 2
Meet    Pepper Jack
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